AGX Orin Developer kit robustness?

I need to deploy a prototype camera on an Australian farm by the start of April 2023. Is the AGX Orin Developer kit robust enough (in the appropriate water-proof enclosure) to survive for a couple of months on a farm, or should it not be taken off the desk?
My experience with the Jetson Nanos is that I bought 24 and 12 died from a whole bunch off reasons when deployed outside as prototypes.

Hi, devkit is for development only, not for production. You can check with the vendors in ecosystem for the product as you want.

This application is just a prototype and not a production level device. Am I looking for trouble taking the dev kit from the desk?
If someone was developing a robot to travel around a wharehouse, would they initially develop the robot with a production module on a production level carrier board, or would they use the dev kit?

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