AGX Orin Ethernet compliance test


We want to do ethernet compliance test for AGX Orin RGMII interface.
Followed the Jetson_AGX_Orin_Series_Tuning_Compliance_Guide_DA-11040-001_v0.7.
Executed devmem commands as the example :

But we got a bus error.
How can we solve it? Or can Nvidia provide Ethernet compliance commands?

could you try to use busybox devmem instead of devmem2 and see if that make difference?


Using busybox devmem would not get any error messages.

But we still couldn’t get any signal output from the ethernet port.
Our SI team need following measurment:
Configure the Link Partner to output the proper 100 Base-TX Random Data signal,
and also configure DUT to output the 1000 Base-T Test Mode 1 Signal and the 1000 Base-T Test Mode 4 Signal.
Could you provide any instruction or commands for that?

Hi, are you testing on custom board or devkit? Can you share a photo of the test setup and also the Ethernet part schematic?

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