AGX Orin power supply from external battery

Actually we are trying to power up AGX orin with battery of 48v by stepping down to 19v but its not working same circuit is working for xavier agx. Is there any pin configuration changes need to be done or what will be the possible issues.

There is no such pin. Did you try other power supply to Orin? If that does work, then should be your battery supply issue.

we are trying to powerup using usb c

Did you try other power supply to Orin?

yes we tried with its own adaptor than its working normally(through jack pin)

Then it is your battery output issue, please check that. The VBUS of typc C connector is same to DC in as you can see in P3737_A04 schematic in DLC.

but same setup was working for Xavier AGX

It can’t be repro on our Orin devkit. You can try other type C supply.

we connected Battery 19v,gnd to C-type connector VBUS,GND. We connected C male pin to Orin C-type power input port.

No idea about your use case. There is a type-c adapter in box of Orin devkit, you can try that. If can power on with that adapter, then it is your battery issue.

Yes its working with adapter, is there any difference connections anything need to be added as CC

No. Since type-c adapter works, it should be your battery related issue.

but same battery is working for xavier agx with jack connector without any issues

As said no clue on that. Devkit has been validated no issue, so you may need to check the battery and its connection to board.

What is the minimum and maximum input voltage can be given to it trough battery?

It is same 7v ~ 20v.

If i provide 12v what is required power to run orin in MAX power mode

Youc an get the current based on below info in module datasheet:
JAO 64GB Maximum Module Power: Up to 60W
JAO 32GB Maximum Module Power: Up to 40W

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