Powering Jetson AGX Orin with USB-C and Battery

We have a board that we need to deploy. The power source is a 24V battery, and the idea is to use USB-C to power the board. We tried a test by only supplying power through the USB-C, but nothing happened. We suspect that there might be some data that needs to be sent over USB-C along with the power for this to work. The jack is not functional. Could you help us with the type of communication or equipment needed to enable this power supply?

Hi, is it devkit or custom board? If devkit, have you tried the USB-C power cable coming with the devkit? Please follow below guide for that.

Yes, we are working with a devkit. The USB-C cable that came with the kit is with the power supply in the image below, which is AC-powered.

Our test was to power the board with the wires from the image below, varying the voltage from 7V to 19V, but the board doesn’t turn on. We believe that the power supply communicates with the board, enabling its power. Since our application is embedded, we won’t have the possibility of using its own power supply.


The CC lines should be connected to GND too.

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