Powering Orin AGX dev kit from bench power supply


I would like to power my AGX Orin dev kit via bench power supply instead of the default connector interfaces.
The reason: I’m testing out a custom PCIe board between this dev kit (endpoint) and another Jetson (root complex), and for the first power-on, I’d like to hook up both Jetsons to a current-limited benchtop supply that will trip if anything in the PCIe board is wrong.

What’s the official recommendation for DC benchtop supply connection to GPIO?


Hi, there is no official recommendation on this. You can just follow the power supply requirement to choose benchtop supply.

Thanks for the reply @Trumany. Rather, what I was unsure about: is there any exposed power input to the AGX Orin dev kit apart from the provided connector jacks? Maybe header pins?
I see the 40-pin header only has 5V, 1A pins which seems inadequate.

I am using a benchtop power supply. It’s receiving 12V.

I was using a 3 channel unit that maxed at 12V 3A (36W), which didn’t allow the orin to boot.
Now I’m using a single siglient at 12V 5A without issues.

The orin can take higher voltage input, but some of the other electronics in the circuit cannot.

I just bought the correct connector off Amazon. It’s connected to the DC power jack.

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