Power source for Jetson AGX Orin


I am currently using Jetson AGX Orin 32GB developer kit.

I am wondering whether I can use power source with 12V/10A into DC Power Jack.

Additional info:
Actually, I am using power source board mounted in the Clearpath Jackal and they provide three power source: 5V/5A, 12V/10A, 24V/20A.
I think first and third one is not proper for AGX Orin due to the voltage spec.
Is it safe to connect 12V/10A source to AGX Orin?

The rated range is 7v ~ 20v.

No need for current? Is it okay to power with 12V/10A which is 120 W?

I heard that AGX Orin is maximum 60W

10A is your supply capability, not the real power consumption.

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