DC input power requirements for Orin?

I’ve got a Jetson Orin AGX, and it works great when I power it via the USB-C wall adapter that it came with. It’s also got a barrel jack for DC input power (labeled J41 in the documentation). The specification PDF, DC power jack specification and Specifications of the power supply needed for Jetson Orin Development kit all say it can take in anything from 7 to 20 volts.

I plugged a variable power supply set to 8 volts into the barrel jack, and the Orin boots up for about 10 seconds but then shuts down again. Similarly, if I try setting the power supply to 12 volts, it boots up for a few seconds but then shuts down. However, if I put the power supply up to 18 volts, the Orin is able to boot up all the way and I can use it. My power supply can provide up to 6 amps, though at the two lower voltages, it never goes above 1 amp before the Orin shuts down. At 18 volts, it goes over 2 amps for a short while, then settles down to using about half an amp.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong at the lower voltages? I’d really like to be able to run it on a mobile robot with a 12 volt battery, and I don’t understand why my Orin can’t boot up from these lower voltages.

Hi, 12V is the typical value of Recommended Operating Conditions as you can see in Orin module datasheet. It should be no problem if the DC supply has no problem. Maybe you can check if the real voltage level of your DC supply on Orin board is as expected. Sometimes the Rs of cable would cause voltage drop, you can try a shorter cable too.

It’s not a problem with my power supply: see Trying to boot the Jetson Orin with 12 volts to the barrel jack - Album on Imgur

In those images, I’ve got the variable power supply set to 12 volts, and I’ve also plugged in my multimeter, which reads 11.96 volts. The Orin starts to boot up and draws 0.7 amps from the power supply, but then the Orin shuts down again and draws no current.

Because the multimeter and power supply both show approximately the same voltage, I’m confident that it’s accurate, and I’m really providing 12 volts.

As for the length of the cables, it’s about 0.8 meters. That should be short enough.

What else could cause an Orin to begin to boot up but stop partway through?

Are you measuring the voltage at the pad on Orin board? The boot-up stop could be caused by power supply capability limit and also the high voltage drop on the cable.

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