Voltage and current safe range for Jetson AGX Orin -- DC power jack

I am waiting for my Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit to arrive so I have been looking for some datasheets of the latest version as well as the previous models. I want to power my jetson by the DC power jack port, but I could not find the min, max, and recommended operation conditions of voltage and current going through the DC power jack in all of the datasheets. Could you verify those parameters for me?

You can get the DC Jack is 7v ~ 20v in devkit carrier spec, and get the Iddmax in module datasheet which is 5.4A for VIN (20V) on SYS_VIN_HV. 6.0A for VIN (5V) on SYS_VIN_MV. Actual IDDMAX is dependent on VIN (VINMIN).

thank you for clarifying those parameters, but since I will not use the provided AC Power brick but I want to use an independent DC battery source to connect to the round port (DC jack, number 5 in the hardware layout), so it crucial to me to know the safe voltage and current i need to regulate for this port

Hi, what do you mean on this? It is same range to all supply on DC port.

what I mean is I have a DC 12V battery which can let the current surge to 10 Amps. i will connect this battery to the DC jack port so I need to connect a fuse between the battery and my jetson agx to regulate the current, so I need to know what fuse (3Amps, 5Amps, or 6Amps) I should use to protect my jetson from burning, and also the safe voltage that will be gone through the jack port

It will be up to 9A @ 12V.

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