Specifications of the power supply needed for Jetson Orin Development kit


I am searching for the specs of the power supply needed for the Jetson Orin Development kit

What is the required voltage and current for the USB-C type power supply and what is the spec for the DC JACK (voltage, current, and whteher the core is the plus or gnd)?


It is 7~20V, 5A for type-C or DC jack. The P/N of DC jack is AC0002-0011-001-HH, you can get its spec by searching online.

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Thanks for the reply but I am really looking for the specifications or even better part numbers(s) of power supplies with DC JAck that I can order seperately ,that is suitable for the Jetson Orin Development kit.
Also is the core of the DC jack the GND or the Positive voltage?

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I would like to power my Jetson AGX Orin Dev kit in my mobile robot directly from 5 Li-Ion cells connected in series.
This gives me the nominal voltage of 18.5 V but when the battery is fully charged its voltage can be as high as 21 V. The Orin spec. says the maximum input voltage is 20 V. Is this 1V overvoltage dangerous?


Yes, please follow the spec to use supply in range 7~20V.

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