Orin Dev Kit power requirements

I am using the Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit on a battery-powered autonomous mobile robot . I see in the documentation that the range of DC voltages that can be put into the DC Jack is 7-20 V. What will the most efficient voltage be if given a choice?

Furthermore, can the board be powered off the USB-C port with a 5V/3A input in 10 W mode? Alternatively, can it be powered off a 5V/4A or 5V/5A USB-C power supply in full power 15W mode? If not, does the USB-C port support the PD spec (which would allow it to be used with batteries such as this one?

Also, how much current can each USB-A port supply to peripheral USB devices?

Hi, the USB-C port on Orin nano devkit is output only, can not be used as power supply of devkit. The current of USB-A port can be up to about 3A.

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Thank you. I will power it with the DC Jack. What is the most power efficient voltage to use within the range of 7-20 V?

For dev kit, there is no such ‘most power efficient voltage’ as the input voltage will be converted to same level on module.

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