Orin Nano dev kit input voltage

I’m just curious, what is the range of acceptable input voltages for the Orin Nano dev kit? I know that the included power adapter is 19 volts at like 2.3 amps, but would 12 volts at 2 amps be enough for it?

That’s ok. Default mode for more performance is 10W.

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Oh, I thought the two power modes on the Orin Nano dev kit we’re like 7 watts and 15 watts? I guess 12v at 2 amps is still enough for 15 watts though. So you’re saying it should be okay to power the dev kit with 12v and 2 amps? Just want to confirm before trying it. Thank you!

Hello, I just want to confirm that powering the new Jetson Orin Nano dev kit with 12 volts @ 2 amps will be okay, I don’t want to damage it in any way by giving it the wrong voltage. Thanks!

It won’t damage Orin nano. The 2A is the maximum output capability of power supply, not the real current draw by Orin nano. The real power consumption of Orin nano depends on use case. You only need to choose the power supply which output voltage level is in the range of 9v ~ 20v, and note the maximum output current should be able to afford real power consumption.

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perfect, thank you!

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