Powering the Jetson Orin Nano Dev kit

Based on the Dev kit’s user guide, I can see that the Jetson orin nano can be powered with 5V (1A max, so ig 5W) through the 40 pin header but that power would be way lower than the normal DC jack (45W). How does this affect the dev kit operation?

Also, is it possible to instead directly power it through the POE backpower header with lets say a 12V/2A BEC? (other end connected to a PDB with prob a 5s drone battery)

I need to put the Jetson on a drone and I am try to avoid using a separate battery b/c of the packaging.

Hi, power through 40 pin header is not supported on Orin Nano devkit.


Then would it be okay to power it through the POE backpower header(J18) by just plugging a 12V/2A BEC to backpower header’s power and ground?

EDIT: Not the best person at reading schematics but the way I’m understanding is that using J18’s port 1 and 2 would be the same as using a DC jack b/c the power goes to DCJ_IN in both cases.

Yes, that will be same to power from DC Jack.

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