AGX ORIN : Update and Power On


We intend to use the AGX Orin in an embedded project and I’ve some questions :

  • What’s the voltage range of the DC Jack ? I saw that the box consume 60W, but I can not find any information about the input voltage. (We intend to power the box with a 12V or 24V truck battery)
  • Does the AGX turn on when it get power or do we need to push the power on button ? If the power on button is needed, is there a way to force the AGX Orin to turn on once it powered ?
  • As we intend to use the AGX Orin in truck, we will have to do the available update on the field. Is there a way to update the board on the field, without using the SDK manager on a PC (is there an equivalent to “apt-get upgrade” to upgrade the JetPack ?

Thanks for your help.
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It’s 7V~20V. You can find power info in Orin Design Guide/Data sheet in DLC.

Auto power on function can be enabled by short pin 5 and pin 6 of connector J42. You can find this info in Orin P3737_A04 schematic in DLC.

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For this, we plan to support OTA-based image update on next 5.1.1 release. You can use 5.1 now and when 5.1.1 is released, the system can be upgraded with the method.

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Thanks a lot for your answer !

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