AGX ORIN Series - AID-KX13 - GPIO pinouts

I have an AID-KX13, and I’m trying to enable GPIO1, GPIO2, GPIO4, GPIO5 which show in the manual as:

I was given a manual from the manufacture:

I was following the AGX Orin pinout assignments and get: GPIO17 → pin ‘22’, GPIO27 → pin ‘15’, GPIO35 → pin ‘18’,
I was able to enable these 3 GPIOs using those pin numbers: 22, 15, and 18, and they work perfectly fine. However, I need to use GPIO11 as well, and I am not able to find the pin number for GPIO11. Could you please help!


You should ask the vendor for help, as this is a custom carrier board, and we don’t have the same device.
Anyway, aren’t they already shown here?
I don’t really know what you cannot get.

Hi @DaveYYY

Thank for the response!
I have asked the vendor, and they gave me the same manual that you have.
I don’t know how to enable GPIO11 when it shows “GPIO_2 (GPIO11 / PAC.05 491)”. How would you enable it in Python code? Or what did you mean by it’s already shown here?

For other GPIOs, in my code, I did like:

  • For GPIO17: output_pin1 = 22

  • For GPIO27: output_pin4 = 15

  • For GPIO35: output_pin5 = 18
    Now, how do I do it for GPIO11: output_pin2 = ??
    I’m looking for the number ??


I don’t know how you get these 22, 15, 18.

You mean this?

I don’t even know what Python code you are running.
Maybe there’s some setting in the library allowing you to change the method of how a pin is numbered.
The expansion header of this AID-KX13 is also completely different from that on a DevKit.
We cannot help on this.

I got them from comparing with the pin assignments of the AGX ORIN:

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