Which AGX Orin pins are usable as GPIO?


we are using a Jetson AGX Orin on the carrier board from Plink. According to their datasheet, only GPIO08, GPIO09, GPIO17 are available as pins. Unfortunately, we need more.

The AGX Orin dataheet (Section 5.12, “General Purpose I/O”) says:

Some GPIOs are dedicated, and others are alternative GPIOs. Each GPIO pin is configurable for input or output direction and can be read or written to individually. All GPIOs support interrupt capability. For GPIO voltage level and characteristics, refer to “Pin Type” in the SOM pin list which provides their voltage rail and pad type.

Does “alternative GPIO” mean that we can use e.g. SPI1_MOSI as a simple digital output pin instead? Where can I find the list of possible configurations, and how do I configure this on my orin?

hello ahjg,

please refer to developer guide for changing the Pinmux.
you may also access Pinmux spreadsheets via download center.

Thank you, this seems to be what I was looking for!

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