Jetson Orin AGX GPIO issue


I have an Orin AGX 64GB Developer Kit. Using the Jetson.GPIO library I am able to control only some of the GPIOs.

Specifically, the GPIOs that are connected through the TI TXB0108 level translators on the carrier board are stuck at 1.6V (though they do wiggle by a few mV when I toggle the signals in SW).

The GPIOs that are connected directly to the SoC and those connected through the SN74LVC4T245 buffer are controllable through SW just fine.

I am referring to the notes related to Table 3-4 - (40-Pin Expansion Header Pin Description) in the document - NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit
Carrier Board Specification - SP-10900-001_v1.0.

Would appreciate any help. Are there any HW jumpers that I need to select on the board to get these signals to work? (like in the Xavier AGX).


Hi durgesh.tiwari,

What’s the current Jetpack version in use?

Do you mean that you could control the GPIO through sysfs but it can’t be pulled from the signal?
Could you help to provide which pin you are using?

Do you mean some GPIO works fine? some GPIO works unexpected?
Could you help to provide the details(which gpio?) of these two situations respectively?

Hi KevinFFF,

Thanks for your response. The GPIOs started working. I did a bunch of stuff, including restarting and they work now. Not sure what was going on, but earlier the voltage was just stuck at one level.
This issue can be closed now.


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