Jetson orin GPIO not working

hi ,

i got new jetson orin kit, i found that all GPIO’s are in high impedance(Tri-state), but it need to be Active LOW after Power ON . i can’t able to operate GPIO’s.

please help me in fixing issue, any solutions please

There is a bug in Orin GPIO software and will be fixed in next release.

when we are going to have next release jetpack with fixes ??

is there any way i can fix those by reflash image, please help

No, there is no way for now. The release will be coming soon.

thanks @WayneWWW for information. is there any way i can install jetpack 4.6 on jetson orin since i see many issues with jetpack 5 on orin

Not possible.

understood, thanks for support. we will until next software release for orin, thank you

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