Agx orin pps_in error

Hi all~

We use GPIO(pin:B8, GPIO3_PS.05) as pps input capture on orin, but it can’t work.

When I use a signal generator as a signal source,such like this:

Then,I run ppstest /dev/pps0,report error like this:

Finally,the same custom board with AGX_XAVIER module, PPS_IN works well with ppstest in Linux, but with AGX_ORIN, it can’t capture the pps signal. then what’s the difference about the GPIO pin with xavier and orin module?

Please give me some advice。

Hi 1627226101,

AGX Xavier and AGX Orin are the module from different series.
Do you use them with the same carrier board?

What’s your Jetpack version in use?
How did you configure the pinmux for this pin (PS.05) on both AGX Xavier and AGX Orin respectively?

We use the same custom board,and jetpack version is 5.1.
Let me make a correction here:Orin use GPIO(pin:B8, GPIO3_PAC.05), Xavier use GPIO(pin:B8,GPIO3_PS.05).
Orin device tree config like this:

Xavier device tree config like this:

But,xavier works well and orin can not work.

Please give me some advice。

Could you use GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH instead of GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW for Orin?
The definition is as following


Why is it set up like this? Can you tell me why Xavier and Orin are different? And why GPIO_ ACTIVE_ Isn’t LOW okay? Thank you because I often encounter such errors

Hi 1098852226,


It seems the above definition is the same for both Xavier and Orin.
They are defined in gpio.h.

Please just use this definition instead of the 0 or 1 to prevent midunderstanding.

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