About the use of Orin GPIO port

Is the GPIO port using orin the same as Xavier? Why can I normally operate Xavier’s GPIO port by reading and writing /sys/class/gpio files, but Orin can’t.

hello 739190871,

the previous method of GPIO calculation is not valid anymore for K5.10.
please see-also developer guide, To check the GPIO number.
for example,
you may check the GPIO number of PQ.06, and it’s 454.

$ sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio | grep PQ.06
gpio-454 (PQ.06 )

after that, you’re able to enter sysnode to control this pin with gpio-454, PQ.06.

Thank you for your quick reply. I have completed this step. Now GPIO number corresponds to the corresponding pin, the value has been set to “1” and the direction has been set to “out”, but the corresponding pin still cannot be controlled.

hello 739190871,

may I know which pin you’re using, are you probing the pin and did not see the status change from the oscilloscope?

I use 22 pin, gpio17,I used a multimeter to measure this pin, and there was no voltage change, and my relay module could not be activated.Is it because the current is too small? I found that the maximum current of pin 22 is ± 20ua in the manual.

yes, please check Jetson AGX Orin Series Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification for [Table 3-4. 40-Pin Expansion Header Pin Description].

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