AGX Xavier cup usage rate question

I found the Xavier cup usage rate more than 100%, most time shows around 120%,sometimes can be 220%, I want to know when is the full load ? 800%?

Dear 330987181,
Are you using DRIVE platform? If application makes use of all cores, it shows 600%

Yes ,I using drive agx, thanks for reply.
Is GPU full load shows 100%?
Also we are thinking about to change the agx to Xavier nx.
Do you know agx which level (modle 0(maxn), modle 1(15w)and others ) close the nx 15w(21tops)?If I got the data ,I can use the agx to test if the Xavier nx can be used.

According to top, the DriveAGX only has 6 cores per Xavier. Why should the load be 800% and not 600%?

Dear klaus.kofler,
We have changed the 8 shared cores to 6 dedicated to the Guest OS + dedicated to the Service VMs. My apologies for the confusion. Please see