AGX Xavier: USB-C PD Removal - No USB Enumeration

We’re using NVIDIA’s AGX Xavier with a custom Carrier PCBA. Our application removes the USB-C Power delivery chip (CYPD4226-40LQXIT) as well as all other USB-C related items.

When attempting to use USB2 Port 3, we do not see any enumeration of this port. This is both with the USBC-PD block included in the device tree as well as it removed (Image below). It appears that removing this block affects more than USBC-PD alone and we cannot specifically target where we should make device tree changes. We are open to any suggestions on helping identify the blocks we need to look at. Please advise if you can help.

Please check the xavier adaptation guide from the download center to modify the device tree.

Also, you can check other posts over this forum.

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