Failed to enumerate USB device

The carrier board developed by ourselves does not use the USB PD controller, only the micro USB port, and two TYPA-A USB3.0 ports (one is: UPHY6+USB2-2, the other is: UPHY1+USB2-1) .
The current problem is that the usb port cannot be used. We modified the device tree with reference to the official website, but it still cannot be used. The following is the COM port print information, the information shows the USB port enumeration error, please help to see what the specific problem is, how to modify it, please give suggestions, thank you very much
LOG-XAVIER-20210224.txt (29.3 KB)

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Please remove your port from xudc and also remove typec-extcon, typec-pd,extcon-cables, extcon-cable-names and extcon-cells from xhci/ ucsi_ccg@8