AigsEffectApp sample app issue

Hello everyone. Could not process videofile through sample app from LInux VideoFX SDK

./AigsEffectApp --in_file=~/MyMovie_720p.avi --out_file=out.mp4 --mode=1 --comp_mode=4 --model_dir=/usr/local/VideoFX/lib/models

I have the following error:

Processing ~/MyMovie_720p.avi mode 1 models /usr/local/VideoFX/lib/models
ERROR: Loading TRTModel failed in Aigs
Error loading the model
Error: There is no model with dependencies that match this system

What does that mean that no model with dependencies that match this system. Which system Operation System or this models does not compatible with Tesla T4 GPU? Or i need to convert this models somehow to match system?

it seems that you did not install tensorRT

Hi @d.kudryavtsev I would recommend trying out the docker container for the Video Effects SDK which can be found here

@tvarshney can we run the broadcast app on this?

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