Allied Vision Prosilica GT 1290C connectivity on Xavier AGX

I am using a NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier to run a neural network for lane detection using ROS. I am unable to get input from the camera that I can then publish as a rostopic. When I tried to use VimbaViewer, it said that no Transport layers were found. When I tried to put the ROS drivers avt_vimba_camera it does not compile. Any help would be appreciated. It needs the to run vimba viewer, which is unavailable for Ubuntu 18.04, even though the Jetson page says that this specific camera is supported (Allied Vision Prosilica GT 1290C). In the past I have been able to successfully get the ROS drivers on the amd64 processor but this one is for the arm64. Any help would be appreciated.

May I know where you get the information?
Can you make sure the camera work with L4T first.