360 Cameras not working with AGX Xavier

Our project goal was to integrate the PICAM 360 cameras with NVIDIA Jetson devices. Programming language python.

PICAM 360 Link: https://www.picam360.com/

  1. We were able to interface the 360 camera with NVIDIA Jetson NX using JETCAM libraries - GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetcam: Easy to use Python camera interface for NVIDIA Jetson .
    We were able able to visualize and record the camera frames.

  2. But the camera is not working when interfaced with NVIDIA AGX Xavier. AGX Xavier is detecting the camera but It is unable to read the camera .
    Error message : RuntimeError: Could not initialize camera. Please see error trace

We are using the same JETCAM libraries as mentioned in step 1.

Do we have to change any specific settings in AGX Xavier to address this issue? We are unable to fix the issue.

Would be helpful to get your inputs.

Thanks and Regards

Looks like it’s USB camera.
Could you check below command.

ls /dev/video*
v4l2-ctl --all

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