How to use a camera

Hello, I have bought a leopard imaging camera (reference LI-XAVIER-KIT-IMX290M12-X) for my AGX Xavier but I can’t figure out how to properly use it. I have pluged it to the nvidia throught the camera module under the card but /dev/video0 doesn’t appears at all. Plus I don’t really know what address I need to put in the Opencv VideoCapture.

Just a picture of our setup with the camera, we plugged it on the pin 4 for the 5v power and the pin 6 for the GND.

I used one of their cameras before like a year ago on the tx2. If you go to their website they have a list of drivers per camera per board.

You need to get the driver and I think we had to do something with the kernel to make it work. Then for opencv in python we needed to use a pipeline with GStreamer to get a video feed. Be careful with how you setup the pipeline as the setup could have major effects on performance.

Hope this helps.