Amazon EC2 GPU Compute servers do not support Compute (in Windows)!

Amazon’s g2 EC2 servers use Nvidia K520 Grid cards. But the K520 does not support TCC mode.

If you try and access the GPU through remote desktop they are disabled by WDDM. If you dont have an active interactive session running through some other means (VNC/teamviewer), again, the GPU is disabled.

How are we supposed to do compute with them if they arent supported by Nvidia? Really it is a terrible situation for anyone other than students who want to play around with it.

In a production environment I don’t want to be manually starting and stopping interactive sessions (hacks) to use these clusters.

Please NVidia if you advertise your gpu as compute, at least support it. And please AWS upgrade your GPUs to ones that are suitable for a compute environment!

From what I can tell, NVIDIA lists the K520 as a cloud gaming device, not a compute solution: