[VMWARE] How to?


I try to use CUDA for Windows 7 virtual machine running on an ESXi 5.0 from VMware.
I did all the steps mentioned on the blog of vmware

Currently, the Quadro 4000 is correctly seen by the guest system and I could install the nvidia driver. So I think the “virtualization” is no longer a problem.

However, vmware put up standard VGA cards virtual display system. My problem is that when I try to activate the TCC mode, the following message appears:

Unable to set driver model for GPU 0: B: 0: TCC can not Be Enabled for device with display.

What can I do to get out?

Thank you!


Finally, I could activate TCC by using the following command

nvidia-smi.exe -fdm 1

OpenCL works well on Windows 7 virtualized with ESXi 5.0.

Now is there an explanation for when I use the command:

nvidia-smi.exe -L

under windows server 2008 R2 virtualized it lists no card, while the driver is installed and the card appears well in the list of equipment installed on the server.

@Lethono: Have you been able to get CUDA working in VMWare ESX and Windows Server 2008 ?

No, I dropped. If you find a solution could you share it?

We likely will try out CUDA (using a Tesla) in a VMWWare ESX with Windows Server 2008 in next month. I then can inform you.

just fyi: We couldn’t get CUDA to work in our virtualized environment (VMWare ESX 5, Windows Server 2008). We triead a Tesla C0275 and a Quadro 2000, didn’t succeed with any of those GPUs.