Anaconda install fails on TX2

Anyone succeeded at this? Jetson TX2 developer kit, purchased last Nov and recently flashed.

Install target is a SATA 1TB HDD.

Tried 64-bit Ananconda, warned me that the system didn’t appear to be 64 bit. I ignored that, given the specs say I’ve got 2 64-bit Denver CPUs, and got most of the way through it (after re-linking /bin/sh to /bin/bash from /bin/dash) but then hit a binary compatibility error.

Any pointers or references to how I might go about figuring this out would be very greatly appreciated.


I do not know the Anaconda software, but if you have never flashed make sure you are running at least R28.1. Then when it says it is not 64-bit, be sure to write down the exact message…it may be that it isn’t x86_64…this is arm64/aarch64…both are 64-bit, but different architecture. The binary compatibility error really sounds like you used desktop PC software which is completely unknown to ARM. Look closely at your download source and see if it has alternate architectures listed.

Thanks very much for your reply.

I had already flashed to R28.1, which is what I’m running now.

Did not use a desktop PC (I presume you mean Windows or MacOS) version of Anaconda. ;-)

Although I think you’re right about the x86_64 vs aarch64 chips in the TX2. I suspect the binary incompatibility is due to the difference in architecture.

I did find this, however: …I’m going to dig around there.

Thanks again for your reply and comments. is not for a Jetson…it’s for a desktop PC. This is a completely different language so far as the ARM CPUs are concerned. You’ll need one which has the same name, but substitute either “arm64” or “aarch64” and it should work. Whichever repository you got the x86_64 version from won’t have anything which works on the Jetson.

The error message was misleading…instead of saying not 64-bit, it should have said incorrect architecture.

Yes – except that the error message should have been “stupid user”

Does this mean that there is no such thing as an Anaconda compatible with arm? Was hoping to use it to run notebooks.