Android Log, white text on a white background


It appears, if I had to guess, that some of my plugins are fighting for control of my Android Log color. for me it appears with white text on a white background. I can tell its outputting since I can copy and paste individual lines. Try to sift through VS’s settings for something like this is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Any chance anyone can tell me what settings I should be modifying and where I might find them?

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Same problem here.
Disabled all VS add-ins/extensions, to no avail.


There seems to be a bug with the logcat view column widths which sometimes sets them all to zero. Please try resizing the columns manually. In order to do that, click and drag to the right with the left mouse button starting from the left side of the list view column area. See the attached picture for the demonstration of the process. This bug will be fixed in the future.

Please tell me if that won’t help.

Hmm looks like I’m not getting email notices from responses. Anyhow, since this post I’m going to guess I got an update in the background since I no longer seem to have an Android Log window option and I see there is a very nice Android logcat output channel in my Output window. Very nice!