Android on nano

I know it only exists on certain Jetson boards, can we get it here? Is there an unofficial port I missed? Or maybe debian? Android is better by a long shot for some things.

Might be able to get this to work with some effort

Thanks. I will mess with it.


Anyone successful with andriod on Nano?

maybe use the tk1 android and port it?

The TK1 is 32-bit, Nano is 64-bit. It would be at minimum difficult to port since all of the libraries and tools would have to run in compatibility mode.

one can try porting from nintendo-switch,but anyone tried it?

good catch, even tho it may work losing 64bit is a big hit

This exists, but I am not sure if this will work on the developer kit.

I think it is designed for this

I just found it at around the same time I found this thread. I will try to build it one of these days/weeks

Any success with the Dev kit?