Android on TK1

Has anyone recently tried to get android on their TK1? I saw several videos of people using android on the TK1, however, I noticed Jedroid is gone. I am not too big on porting it. It would be cool to boot it from an sd card to keep my most recent flash intact.

This is just my feel on the topic, but I think since the 32-bit stopped development some time back, that some interest was lost in Android (on 32-bit). However, there are still third party vendors who do support this. These vendors of course have their own board support packages, and thus different installers and device trees, but you might find something of interest there.

In particular, you might check out the Toradex version of the TK1. This also has Android listed here:

I have no idea if this would be useful to you or not, but certainly this could provide a lot of information on the topic.

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