AnimGraph - from one motion to another WITHOUT a seam?

I have watched now all this video about AnimGraph use for animated characters:
Animation Graph Overview

In this video there is created an AnimGraph and ActionGraph setup, where motion is changed from idle to walk. But it just jumps to new motion, with a seam/jump on the move.

But in this video:
Bring It to Life: A Look at Omniverse’s New Runtime Animation System [S42135]

at time 13:30 this motion happens WITHOUT a seam. How has this been done?

Also the filtering feature 14.20 looks amazing!!
Please can you do a tutorial video about using this without the seams/jumps?
I am going to use actorcore motions on CC characters…

Pekka Varis

Hi! Thanks for your interest in Omniverse Animation Graph.

You can check out the Animation Graph Samples window for some examples of various features. The samples shown in the GTC presentation are based on these, and you can explore how they are set up and try out modifications for yourself. In particular, the “Blend” sample is relevant to your question.

The animation graph is actually the same as the one in the Getting Started video. The difference between the two is in the Action Graph that’s setting the blend weight variable. Instead of immediately setting the blend weight value to 1 when the button is pressed, we change the value over time using an increment node until it reaches the desired value. The same happens when the button is released.

The blend node will combine the two inputs based on the weight, so when we specify a value in the middle, you get some of each animation in a linear blend. That’s how we get a smooth transition in this case.

Another option you might be interested in is a state machine. You can specify the transition time when moving between two states, and the graph will calculate a pose to keep the motion continuous within that time. Check out the State Machine sample to see if it will meet your needs.

I hope this answers your question.

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this is perfect thank you, I opened the samples and they work great!
This is a powerful system you have made, cool!

How about using seq and actor core & motion captured motions together like this:

I just drag the motion B to overlap with motion A, just like a cross-fade in video editing. This would be the most simple way of controlling this thing. I bet you have something like this coming in Machinima update?

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