Adjust Speed of Agent in AnimGraph


is it possible to adjust the speed the agent walks with when using the AnimGraph extension?
If not, is this planned for the future?

Hi @jominga. Is there a particular Anim Graph sample that you’re working off of?

Hello @mati-nvidia ,

I am working with the path-points sample. I want to increase the walking speed there.

I tried changing the attributes “Movement Average Forward Speed”, “Movement Average SidewardSpeed” and “Movement Average Backward Speed” in the MotionMatching Prim, but the agent doesn’t change its speed.

Thanks for the clarification @jominga. I’m checking with the dev team.

Hi @jominga. With the current implementation of the Motion Matching Node, the output speed is dependent on the animation library - we provided a simple walking set for the path samples, so the output will be confined to that speed. The attributes you identified can be used to describe the input animations to help configure the library, but don’t actually change the resulting animation output.

There is not currently a method specify a desired speed, or to modify playback speed or anything like that in the current animation graph toolset. If you were to replace or modify the source animations sent to the node, then the resulting speed would match those inputs. You can also use state machines to switch between different motion matching configurations, which could be used to select speeds or other attributes. All of this requires some changes/additions to the SkelAnimations leveraged by the graph.

Motion matching and general character locomotion is something people are very interested in, so it’s something we’re paying attention to. We are aware of the desire for different movement speeds.


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