Can someone explain the Animation Graph - Animation Clip section Please?

I know how to pose characters in IClone. In Omniverse I would like to learn how to create a pose, then mix it with the next pose?

I clicked on Animation Graph, which I don’t know how to use, and I found this option for Animation Clip. How do you create animation clips, and or is there a library of animation clips?

Corby / Data Jugger

P.S. I also don’t know how to use all the ones I didn’t point at too. If you have a video or tutorial made just for Animation Graph, please let me know.

I will ask the AG expert and get back to you

Clips in the AG can be set inside an empty node (via dragging from the catalog) or they can be dragged and setup from existing SkelAnimation prims in the Stage. So if you wanted to sketch out a graph, and you don’t want to set the exact animation to use yet, you can just drag over the Clip node from the catalog as a placeholder of sorts. A little more info here, specifically in the “skeletal family of prims” area right below the pic Skeletal Animation — Omniverse Extensions latest documentation

Thank you. I am reading the link you provided now.