[Omni.Anim.People] issue with not found add - animation - animation graph


Im trying to get through the omni.anim.people documentation guide but I can not see Add - Animation - Animation Graph when I right click SkelRoot

below image is from official documentraion capture

and this below images is my Isaac sim screen which version is 2022.2.0

The difference is that, in my Isaac sim screen, I can not find add - animation - animation graph section.

so I can not activate the people to move… when I start the simulation, human just stand and do not walk

can you help me?

Hi @user132705

The Add > Animation > Animation Graph doesn’t appear in context menu because the prim has already an Animation Graph. Can you confirm it in your scene?

Delete the Animation Graph in Property tab and it will appear again in context menu.
By the way, you need to work on SkelRoot prims rather than XForm prims.

Thank you for reply.
I found that there is already animation graph. It is my mistake.

but there is one more issues.

when I run the simulation with character_behavior.py and cmd.txt file , my human still does not go forward. just stand alone.

can I get more advice?

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