Any plan to support .NET core application?

I’m writing OpenGL applications on .NET Core and wondering if nsight can be used on it.

I have tried to do the same with VC++ OpenGL projects but only got these output on a .NET core project:

Nsight Debug
The Nsight debugger was not able to start because the program ‘’ is invalid. Please verify the output file
name in Visual Studio, and the Nsight UserProperties | Launch Settings | Launch External Program setting. This
must be an absolute path.

The application is a dotnet console application. It creates the window by calling CreateWindowEx ( and creates OpenGL context and so on.

Hi zwcloud,

I’m sorry nsight graphics debugging don’t support managed code now.



I am having the same issue. Wanted to see if Nsight could be used with .NET core 2.0 but it yields the same error.

Any plans to support it?

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