Graphics debugging on mixed-mode applications.


I’ve been trying to run the graphics debugger on a mixed-mode application, but I get the following error message:

Unable to launch 64-bit managed application '...bin\x64\Debug\Runner.exe'. (System.InvalidOperationException)

The graphics debugger runs flawlessly on the underlying C+±DLL, and I have built the managed code to an x64-configuration (as I gathered that AnyCPU wasn’t supported).

I’m running Visual Studio 2015, Nsight, Display driver 355.82, on 64-bit Win10 Pro. I’ve also tried on a win8 quadro-notebook, with the 355.85-driver, and with the same result.

Anyone has any tips on how to get this working, if it is supported at all?


Hi cdyken,

I have to say that Nsight don’t support Managed application officially.


Will it support Managed application some day?

I consider that a non answer. Why does it not support managed modules and when can we expect that support to materialize?

Where can we request support for managed applications?

Hi zburns,

I am not sure about the plan or schedule, but I will take a track for your request and let you know if there are some update.