Any thoughts on a sleep/wake button for the JTX1?

I’m interested in having a little sleep/wake button for the JTX1.

Does anyone know how to put the JTX1 into a sleep state and to wake it up from the press of a button?


You can try using a button to short ‘SOC_PWR_REQ’ to GND to enter deep sleep. And current POWER key on carrier board can wake it up.

Thanks Trumany! What is “SOC_PWR_REQ” and where can I find it?

Is there any way to do this through GPIO pins? The reason I ask is because I’m thinking of using a different carrier board – say, this product – and there won’t be a POWER button on that carrier board, to my knowledge.


SOC_PWR_REQ is a net, it’s connected to R136, you can route out a button from there.

Sure, you can design a circuit to use GPIO instead of sleep button, but can’t for POWER button as GPIO has no output in sleep status.

Not know much about this product, but basically it should have such buttons to make development easy.