Any Way to Start GUI Without Having Any GUI

Hi, I managed to make the NX go into headless mode, so it won’t boot with GUI, but all ways of SSH and VNC into the car are failing (for some unknown reason, both of these methods were working pre reboot), and now I’ve lost ways to talk to the NX, and I unfortunately don’t have my Linux host computer with me. Is there any way I can enter some forms of console (tty?) so that I can tell the NX to start GUI?

Any help is extremely appreciated. Thank you!

If you are not able to access Xavier NX through internet, you would need to make physical connection to it. May not have other way except connecting it to a host PC.

Thanks for the reply!
What would be the most convenient way to get a console connection from the Jetson to the host PC? Would it have to be via tty cable or would a microUSB cable do, and how?

Either way should be good. If you connect to host PC through USB to ttl cable, you can see uart log from booting. If you connect through USB type-A to micro-B cable, you can log in by executing


If you need complete log from booting, would be better to get the uart log.

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