Apparently GeForce GT 755M doesn't have CUDA support! What should I do?

HI, I’m a newbie here and a very new student of CUDA. I bought a new laptop, Lenovo Y510p with two GeForce GT 755M in it. I was trying to install CUDA in it, it failed as it doesn’t support this GPU. I checked the GPU specification in the website( and the list of CUDA supported the GPUs( Even though the first link says it supports CUDA, GT 755M is not listed among the list of GPUs supported by CUDA given in the second link.

I would really like to use CUDA on this laptop. Is there anyway I can manage to make CUDA supporting this GPU and enable myself program with CUDA library?


You don’t specify… Linux or Windows? For either system you’ll have to install the latest NVIDIA drivers from their website and THEN install the CUDA toolkit without installing the (older) driver that it comes with.

If you need Linux (Ubuntu x64) instructions, go here:

If Windows 7/8/8.1 x64, install the newest NVIDIA drivers first:

All recent NVIDIA cards support CUDA… it’s just that you might be running an older driver.

If after installing the drivers the CUDA 5.5 installer still tells you it’s unsupported, the 6.0 Release Candidate version installer should work fine.

Hello everyone,

I am facing the same problems. I also use a NVIDA GeForce GT 755m and am new to all of this. But I need to install it on MacOSx 10.9. Does anyone know hot to do this?


If you are saying that you want to hackintosh a laptop that has a G7 755m, I’m afraid you’re out of luck with regards getting the NVIDIA card working… but check here:

I have a 2014 iMac with a GeForce GT 755M card installed. I just installed the latest CUDA driver for my mac and even after adding the graphics card name in the retracer file in package contents… my GPU button is still greyed out in After Effects. Help??

Maybe GT 755M in a 2014 iMac with whatever version of After Effects you have is not a supported configuration for enabling the “GPU button”.

I don’t see it listed here:

for example.

i have windows 10 ,
core i7 4th gen lenovo y510p,
8GB ram,
nvidia geforce gt 755 m,
i installed all the things it requires like cuda 8,
cudnn 6,
visual studio 2015,
g++ compiler,
python 3.5

and run the script given in and i got this

(tensorflow-gpu) C:\Users\Admin>set “KERAS_BACKEND=tensorflow”

(tensorflow-gpu) C:\Users\Admin>python
TensorFlow successfully installed.
The installed version of TensorFlow includes GPU support.

but when i run on CNN of dog-cat dataset its speed is same as CPU (BOTH ARE TAKING APPROX SAME TIME FOR EPOCH)

then whats the benifit of installing this cuda and all of this
or there any way to speed up this

So can anyone answer WHY GeForce GT 755M isn’t on the list of CUDA GPUs?

Especially since shows CUDA capability.

Not asking for speculation, please, rather, facts that would carry weight in a technical discussion, where decisions are being made.

Fact: All NVIDIA discrete GPUs manufactured since about 2008 are CUDA capable.

The fact that GT755M does not appear here:

is an oversight. That list is an exercise in record-keeping. The record-keeping is not perfect (this last statement is self-evident).