AQR113C SPI eeprom flash

I am currently using Carrier Board. Also, I’m using AQR113C with the devkit on the carrier board.
But AQR113C does not work. So I looked it up and heard that I needed to install firmware on the AQR113C external SPI eeprom. Is that right?
When I inquired with Marvell about this, I received a reply saying that the firmware could be provided, but to ask nvidia for the API. Where is the API provided to users?

We don’t have SPI interface to flash firmware through jetson. Please use external tool to flash it.

When you write firmware to W25Q40EWUXIE-P3737, do you use an external tool to write it?

That is part of work in factory. Not through Jetson platform. So vendor shall provide you a general way to flash this.

I understood what you said.
Thank you for your answer :)

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