As though using Cuda 9.2 still "Error cudart64_90.dll required" in Windows

I Have installed Cuda 9.2 with cuDNN_9.2 zip which contains cudart64_7.dll in it’s bin file.

As per instruction we have to paste files from cuDNN to our C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\ folder. I have completed these step but still while running simple hello world tensorflow program then getting error cudart64_90.dll required.

My question to NVIDIA developer is that if you are giving CUDA 9.2 then you must update cuDNN_9.2 zip file with cudart64_92.dll or cudart64_90.dll.

For now please provide some temporary solution to my problem.

Thanks in Advance. :)

cudart64_90.dll required means that your TF requires CUDA 9.0

You cannot use CUDA 9.2 as a substitute/replacement.

The solution is to install CUDA 9.0, or else rebuild your TF to use CUDA 9.2 instead of CUDA 9.0.

Both of these choices are documented elsewhere.