cudart64_90.dll is required for cuda toolkit 9.1?

I’ve installed cuda toolkil 9.1 and i tried to open up tensorflow but it throwing error saying tensorflow required cudart64_90.dll, but in bin folder i have cudart64_91.dll. what is the solution for this. why would it ask for previous version dll file when i have updated one.

It’s evident that you are not using NGC containers:

In that case, this forum section is not the correct place to ask your question. Instead, the accelerated computing forum here:

is one possible place.

In any event, the problem is arising because your TF (tensorflow) build was compiled against CUDA 9.0 and requires CUDA 9.0, not 9.1

The solution for this is to install CUDA 9.0 and use that. (If there were a TF build that was linked against CUDA 9.1, you could use that. However, on windows, I know of no method to easily get such an executable. TF binaries currently available via e.g. pip install are only available for CUDA 9.0, and building TF from sources on Windows is not officially supported by TF, AFAIK).

When an executable is built, it is linked against certain library versions. You cannot substitute newer (or different) library versions in this case. Your TF executable is linked against CUDA 9.0