Assertion failure in cuda-gdb 2.1

I was able to run the cuda debugger. My code exits correctly, but on the debugger. When I run it inside the debugger I get an assertion failure. Do you guys have any idea what this assertion is?

Assertion failure at /home/buildmeister/build/sw/rel/gpu_drv/r180/r180_00/drivers/gpgpu/cuda/src/gpgpucomp/lib/gpuDebug/gpuTargetDebug.c, line 1307: cuda-gdb internal error


Please attach a test case (with instructions) which I can use to reproduce this failure.

Which GPU are you using when you’re seeing this failure?

I am getting a similar message:

Assertion failure at /home/buildmeister/build/sw/rel/gpu_drv/r180/r180_00/drivers/gpgpu/cuda/src/gpgpucomp/lib/gpuDebug/nvGpuDebugServer.c, line 1139: Variable Array not defined by module


for the variable “Array” which I define as “extern shared int Array;”. The code executes fine when it is compiled without -G.

I have a C1060, and I use CUDA 2.1 with the latest drivers on a Fedora 10 machine.

This doesn’t look similar to me. I’d suggest starting a new thread and including a test app which reproduces the problem, along with reproduction(and build) instructions.