Assigning multiple vGPU's to one VM

Hi All,

I’ve got a Tesla M10 on my Windows Server 2019 VM, with a vDWS license installed.

I was under the impression I could assign 2 vGPU’s to 1 VM so as to allocate extra resources for Solidworks when the vDWS license was used.

However, the 2nd vGPU has an ! on it in Device Manager with an error on it "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system."

The only other device is the other M10. I’ve disabled the Hyper-V Video Driver.

I can install the driver again, then reboot and then the behaviour is the same.

Have I done something silly?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Not sure why you’d want to do that … Solidworks can’t use more than 1 GPU.

Solidworks is typically CPU limited (not GPU). So if you need more performance, you mainly need a faster CPU. Also, it’s single threaded, not multi-threaded so hopefully you have a CPU that at the very minimum has a 3.0Ghz base clock. If Solidworks is your main application, then 3.3Ghz or above would be a better choice.

Which version of Solidworks are you using? Reason for asking, I believe it was Solidworks 2019 that had a bit of a rework to improve performance, so make sure you’re running the latest version if possible :-)



Hi sorry for the delay. We’re running SW 2020.

OK I must have misunderstood a different article about it. I was under the impression you could basically utilise the resources of 2 vGPU’s as 1, thus increasing the power.

We’re running AMD EPYC 7351 CPU’s at a clock speed of 2.9Mhz. Maybe that’s the cause of the lagging.


You can run more than 1 vGPU, but the application needs to support it. Also, there are different ways of presenting more than 1 GPU to a system / application. As you’re running Hyper-V, you’re not actually using vGPU anyway, you’re using Passthrough (referred to by Microsoft as DDA (where a whole GPU is allocated to a VM, rather than a portion of it)).

Application lag can be caused by many things. BIOS, choice in Hardware, Hypervisor settings, Storage, Network, Protocol, Operating System, Application Configuration, Data Size etc etc.

What is it in Solidworks that’s laggy?