attempts to make captures using argus

  1. When I compiled samples from tegra multimedia api argus samples - they are work.
  2. I trying to add captures from CSI camera into my application:
  • create capture provider - ok, but shows:
    LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/Calib/camera_override.isp] 1/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/data/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp] 2/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/opt/nvidia/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp] 3/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/camera_overrides.isp] 4/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/data/nvcam/camera_overrides.isp] 5/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/data/nvcam/settings/e3326_front_P5V27C.isp] 6/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/opt/nvidia/nvcam/settings/e3326_front_P5V27C.isp] 7/16LoadOverridesFile: looking for override file [/var/nvidia/nvcam/settings/e3326_front_P5V27C.isp] 8/16---- imager: No override file found. ----”
    When I start examples from tegra multimedia api - they show nothing.
    Also, when I print argus version, it shows me
    “Argus Version: 0.96.2 (single-process)”,
    but examples show
    “Argus Version: 0.96.2 (multi-process)”

  • get camera devices and their properties - ok

  • create capture session - after that the app crashes (segmentation fault), examples work ok (for example, 1 example stores jpegs with correct frames from camera)

I tried many variations, and finally, just copied part of code from jpeg examaple into initialization part of my app - It crashes anyway.

Could you help me why provider shows me that it not found something, also why argus is simple-process and why it crashes.

The main difference from example and my app, is that example makes initialization in the main thread, but my app does it in the separate thread, also another thread uses OpenGL desktop version

1 addition. My app uses Qt 4.8.7 which is compiled using OpenGL desktop version via cross compilation.

Please share a sample so that we can reproduce the issue. We don’t have experience in Qt, so please eliminate Qt function calls in the test sample. Thanks.

here, I put sample

unfortunataly, I couln’t reproduce that the Argus shows “single-process”, but I could reproduce the segmentaion fault.
steps which I reproduced:
camera provider created in the 1 thread (not main)
camera initialization is performed in the another thread, i.e. 1 thread per camera

Is it possible to have a patch on existing samples? Somehow the test app crashes immediately:

Executing Argus Sample
Segmentation fault

Not sure but I think at least the following log should be printed:

MANAGER_PRINT("Status of argus initailization: %d\n", (int)status);

yes, I also got crashes on provider creation. I noticed that it can be after 1 or more the sample launches and I think, it’s because resources are not freed due to app crash

ok I will modify jpeg sample to my threading scheme, but I think a behaivoir will be the same