Argus_camera Application: Failed to create CaptureSession

After applying the patch from L4T R32.4.3 Breaks argus_camera and causes segmentation fault (SIGSEGV) to the jetson sample API sources on L4T R32.4.3, I noticed that the argus_camera application is generating the following errors on the console when starting a 2nd camera streaming instance with a different sensor-id:

Executing Argus Sample Application (argus_camera)
Argus Version: 0.97.3 (multi-process)
Error generated. /home/nvidia/jetson_multimedia_api/argus/apps/camera/modules/Dispatcher.cpp, createSession:1320 Failed to create CaptureSession
Error generated. /home/nvidia/jetson_multimedia_api/argus/apps/camera/modules/Dispatcher.cpp, createSession:1353 (propagating)
Error generated. /home/nvidia/jetson_multimedia_api/argus/apps/camera/modules/Dispatcher.cpp, maxBurstRequests:1719 (propagating)

What is causing the error on argus_camera?

How can I fix the issue?

hello JDSchroeder,

did you enable two argus_camera applications, and those failure only seems with 2nd camera enabled?
could you please confirm the functionality by running with multi-session mode to enable dual camera preview.

Yes. I ran argus_camera with one camera sensor-id and started a second argus_camera (while the first was still running) with my second camera sensor-id. The second one generated those errors. I think when I start a 3rd camera it to generates those errors.

I’m not familiar with “multi-session mode”. Could you explain how to do that?

How does that behave differently in the software/hardware than how I’m running it?

hello JDSchroeder,

your using single instance to create individual capture sessions, please help to narrow down the issue by ‘Multi Session’ modes.
for example, $ argus_camera --module='Multi Session'
you may also check the usage for reference.

Usage: argus_camera [OPTION]... [ACTION]...

      --module=MODULE   switch to module MODULE. Valid strings are 'Capture',
                        'Video', 'Multi Exposure', 'Multi Session' or an index
                        in the range [0, 3]. Default is 'Capture'.

Okay, Multi Session mode does work (although differently than before). I like starting the individual cameras one-by-one with argus_camera because sometimes I don’t have one of the cameras connected and the Multi Session mode messes up the VI hardware. Multi Session also doesn’t show the detail like I see when I run the Capture mode with an individual camera image sensor. Was this just an experiment to give you more information?

hello JDSchroeder,

yes, it just an experiment to help us narrow down the issue.
we’ll try to reproduce the issue locally.

hello JDSchroeder,

it’s not a bug, this issue is by design of argus_camera application.

please refer to below for more details…
when you launch the app with --device , the app first launches with device=0 and switches to the specified .
when simultaneously launch 2 camera sessions, i.e. argus_camera --device=0 and argus_camera --device=1, even second session gives error, camera preview still works successfully. that’s because of this if device=0 is already in use, an error is displayed before switching to the specified device id;
in the other hands, you don’t see this error when device=0 is not used. i.e. argus_camera --device=1 and argus_camera --device=4

Just to clarify and restate what I think you are saying:
The messages are only an application warning and I can disregard them. They won’t affect the performance or stability of me launching multiple instances of argus_camera with different devices. My usage of argus_camera with multiple launches and different devices for each one is perfectly fine. Correct?

hello JDSchroeder,

yes, please consider these as warning messages, it doesn’t affect the performance or stability.