Audio2Face is not working on a new Lenovo Thinkstation

2021.3.2 isn’t working at all but when I try 2021.3.1 It kind of works however, I can’t get it to render anything.

I have the base model lenovo thinkstation p350 tiny, which has the Nvidia T600 card. Nividia T600 is marketted to be in RTX familiy of cards and I got this workstation to also try Omniverse with it.

Can someone confirm if my GPU is supported?

2021.3.2 version gives this traceback btw among other errors:

2022-01-08 04:30:33  [Error] [omni.ext.impl._internal] Failed to import python module omni.kit.charTransfer. Error: No module named 'omni.kit.viewport'. Traceback:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "e:/omniverse/pkg/audio2face-2021.3.2/kit/plugins/bindings-python\omni\ext\impl\", line 65, in import_module
    return importlib.import_module(name)
  File "e:\omniverse\pkg\audio2face-2021.3.2\kit\python\lib\importlib\", line 127, in import_module
    return _bootstrap._gcd_import(name[level:], package, level)
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 1006, in _gcd_import
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 983, in _find_and_load
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 967, in _find_and_load_unlocked
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 677, in _load_unlocked
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap_external>", line 728, in exec_module
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 219, in _call_with_frames_removed
  File "e:\omniverse\pkg\audio2face-2021.3.2\exts\omni.kit.charTransfer\omni\kit\charTransfer\", line 1, in <module>
    from .extension import *
  File "e:\omniverse\pkg\audio2face-2021.3.2\exts\omni.kit.charTransfer\omni\kit\charTransfer\", line 7, in <module>
    from .ui import MainWindow, WrapUI, WrapModalWindow
  File "e:\omniverse\pkg\audio2face-2021.3.2\exts\omni.kit.charTransfer\omni\kit\charTransfer\", line 13, in <module>
    from .picker import PointPicker
  File "e:\omniverse\pkg\audio2face-2021.3.2\exts\omni.kit.charTransfer\omni\kit\charTransfer\", line 7, in <module>
    import omni.kit.viewport
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'omni.kit.viewport'

Hello @user122853! I am looking into your problem. From the information I have, the NVIDIA T600 does support RTX , however, it may not have the RT Tensor cores required for rendering scenes in Omniverse. Are you able to open Create and make a simple sphere or box?

Thanks for your time Wendy!

Yeah create doesn’t work either. I think rendering is the issue and I have a feeling inference may work as it seems to be able to build the RT engine with the audio2face pipeline but let me confirm that when I have a chance. Having said that latest version doesn’t work at all. I think it tries to build a viewport object and fails as rendering isn’t supported but weird enough previous patch version works to open even tho it can’t render.

Hi @WendyGram I was able to confirm that everything works except rendering. Is there a way to visualize it without needing an upgrade to my RTX card I already purchased?

Is there a table of cards listed that are compatible?

I was under the impression from all the marketing that having an RTX card was enough.

Unfortunately, right now, without the required tensor cores on your GPU, you won’t be able to render your scene. Here is a link to our technical requirements: Technical Requirements — Omniverse Create documentation

BTW, I tested this on my Lenovo Thinkstation with a T600 card. I had to install a new GPU to get Omniverse to render.

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Thanks for your time @WendyGram!
I will also check the requirements, however, do you mind sharing which card you had to install instead of T600?
I am wondering which models may fit in this tiny enclosure :)