Audio2Face USD export not working with Metahuman 5.3

I have copied the ACE plugin info into the respective areas in ue5 and gotten live link to work. However, I cannot export a USD and load the animation into sequencer. Whenever I check out the file I just get a blank metahuman, any help would be appreciated:

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Can you tell me the steps you took that resulted in this behavior please?
Did you export Audio2Face as geometry cache as USD or did you export blendShape weights?
Are you following a specific tutorial?

I am using pretty much the same process I have seen on multiple tutorials, I am using the mark solved arkit example, I have plugged in my own audio, adjusted the expression values, and gotten that to work with live link. I then select export weights

I then load in from UE5 by right clicking an empty space in my folder, I select this option

with face archetype selected
I double click the face in my folder and I get nothing.

thank you for your quick reply

would a geometry cache be better, it looked like weights were exported in the tutorials

Thanks for showing your workflow @james.simon.trinity

I tried this after installing the latest Unreal Engine Connector from Launcher. Then followed this tutorial and it seems to work fine in Unreal Engine 5.3 Nvidia Omniverse Audio2face to Unreal Engine Metahuman Tutorial - YouTube

Have you installed the latest 5.3 Connector from Launcher?

Yes I have, instead I used live link and recorded in ue5 as a work around.

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